The essence of home

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Coming home is arriving to a warm and busy house on a cold winter evening, or entering a country house after a long ride anticipating a weekend of unwinding. It is the warmth you feel when arriving at a close friend’s place, surrounded by familiar faces and objects or the comforting feeling of shelter and protection of a family home. That feeling of coming home is the quintessence of Flamant.

Our Vision

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We recreate that essence of ‘home’ by reinventing the past and adapting it to contemporary standards, with authenticity, harmony and hospitality as our core values and the family traditions as a main source of inspiration. That warm encounter of the classical and the modern defines the Flamant signature. Evoking a feeling of familiarity, genuineness and purity, our pieces are created with respect for craftsmanship, using natural quality materials sourced from small workshops all over the world.

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